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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All You Need to Know About Grout Cleaning

The space between ceramic tiles, better known as grout, get accumulated with dirt and dust over a period of time. These grouts are very difficult to clean; many try heavy scrubbing to clean off these areas, but what they do not realize is that this damages the ceramic tiles.

Grouts can be of the same cement based, epoxy based, or furan resin varieties. They are further classified into sanded and non sanded categories.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning can be done in several ways. If you are a "do it yourself" person, then you might like to buy a grout cleaning tool for yourself. This tool has a triangle shaped head, and all you need to do is run it down on the grout lines. You can also clean grouts with elbow grease and heavy wired brushes if you are not keen on buying a tool. Scrubbing with the help of baking soda can also help.

A paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is often used in grout cleaning. Scrubbing the grouts with a bleaching solution can also clear the dirt and dust accumulated in those places. Cleaning the grouts with the help of alcohol is also a good idea.

However, it has been noticed that these methods have been detrimental to ceramic tiles. Heavy scrubbing and using bleaching agents is never a great idea.

All you need to know about grout cleaning

Grout cleaning is essential. The dust and dirt accumulated between the tiles can give a very unpleasant appearance to the floors of your home. It is also very unhygienic.

Grout cleaning can be done at home using the above methods, but it is recommended to opt for professional grout cleaning services. These companies are trained to know how to do it the best way, so that you get a clean home and your tiles do not get damaged as well.

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