What don't we do???

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What don't we do?

That really is the question- what don't we do? What doesn't Operation Homes do? Well, quite simply we do it all! It's not just our slogan- it's our mantra. We are a single source provider of ALL home improvement services which translates into- What don't we do? Ok, now that you know the Operation Homes slogan inside and out- lets really focus on what it means. We have contractors that specialize in every area imaginable- REO maintenance, painters, landscapers, house cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. We work with property management companies, real estate agents, investors, commercial companies, banks, and insurance companies. We will also be working with home owners very soon with our new referral based website, coming in July.

The new and improved www.operationhomes.com will be launched at the end of July and aimed to serve homeowners. We will connect homeowners to pre-qualified contractors- 3 licensed contractors to be exact, so homeowners can get the best pricing and service imaginable. Our soft launch will focus on Washington in August and our nationwide launch will be right around the holidays- just in time to get the house ready for the relatives.

In the meantime, check out our blog for home improvement tips and tricks, DIY projects, and updates on www.operationhomes.com. Please leave feedback and your own tips and tricks and we'll incorporate them into our finished website. And don't forget, if you're having difficulty fixing something around the house and you're not sure who can help- go to www.operationhomes.com, because really- what don't we do????